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We hired Liz's agency to help convert Messenger into a sales channel, after several previous attempts over past years with other partners. I was immediately impressed by the attention to detail they took to understand our customer, and our products when building out our automation. 60 days after launch, our Messenger automation hit $3k/day, 82% automated, one campaign getting a 14% purchase CVR. It also saved resources from our internal team handling DMs from customers. I highly recommend GrowAI if you're looking for quality, fast results with Facebook Messenger marketing.

Eric Polatty VP of eCommerce at
Snow Teeth Whitening

I wish we'd done this sooner. Liziana's structure, setup, and turnaround times are unreal. We drove $3.36M via DM automation in our first year working together. Liz designed and deployed 10s of pre-purchase, post-purchase evergreen + time-sensitive campaigns for us. This is a channel that brings so much retention as well as new customers. As an established eCommerce brand, you need to realize that there’s only so much you can get done in-house, and if you try to do it yourself, you’re probably not going to perfect it fast enough. When you hire an expert, that’s where you get your efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.

Ronak Shah CEO at Obvi

GROW AI deployed our first DM funnel (a giveaway) within two weeks after signing with them; with minimal support from our internal team, they generated conversions as of day one. Our first campaign generated ~$35K in revenue and collected over 5.5K emails within the first 30 days at 84.8% automation. They handled everything, from inception to optimizations, maintained constant communication, and provided updates frequently. The team mapped out a tailored strategy for our business that would deliver high levels of personalization to our audience and developed all the sales funnel logic and technology that sits behind it. Moreso, Liz’s team monitors every single DM conversation that our chatbot has with our audience and optimizes it daily to improve the user experience with each future interaction, only escalating the most complex conversation to our CX/social teams. If you’re looking for the right partner to help you start more conversations and scale your communication efforts while driving incremental revenue via Meta chat systems (FB Messenger/IG DM), I highly recommend having a chat with Liz and her team!

Sarina Rubin Sr. Director of Marketing
at Vegamour

GROW AI conceptualized a fantastic strategy for our social audience, deploying a first chat funnel on Messenger and Instagram DM that took off at a crazy 28.57% purchase CVR. They built in sales logic and set up multiple entry points (we didn't even know existed) that pulled our audience into the chat funnel, nurturing it through to the sale automatically. Liz's team handled everything. All we had to do was approve the strategies and funnels before being deployed. They also got us whitelisted with Meta to broadcast BFCM 2022 via IG DM to our audience, which is something a handful of brands were able to do. We're beyond excited to be able to nurture our customers in such an innovative way and highly recommend Liz's team if you're looking to convert your social channels into sales channels and be one step ahead of your competition.

Jennifer Jane CMO at Proper Good

We're getting hundreds of comments on our ads and needed a way to automate them while building relationships with our audience and scaling with less friction or CS effort. GROW AI built a system that helped us automate all the comments on our ads, reply to comments automatically, and pull our audience into Messenger and Instagram DM chat funnels that convert at 59.1% CVR. We can now deliver on-demand, real-time experiences at a click of a button, with close to no human support. And using GROW AI's proven sales logic, our chat funnels retarget our leads for free, following up on them in the DMs if they don't purchase and pivoting the conversation to a different offer based on the insight collected. I cannot recommend GROW AI enough. They are a fantastic team who works fast and deliver the best in this space.

Jenn Murray COO at Fixe Beauty

We appreciated how detail-oriented Liz and her team were. They did an incredible job and worked so fast! Went above and beyond for us, especially in understanding us and our customer. And the mock-up videos of each campaign demonstrated the end-user experiences in an easy-to-digest way. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

Amanda Morris Marketing Manager
at SugarBearHair
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